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01. Oktober 2014
Photo: Ruedi Flück

Last weekend the was taking place at Zürich again. This year I unfortunately didn't get an invite for taking part at the big air event. But besides the big air there was a stair set rail battle presented by Laax as well. So I decided to participate at the rail competition. It has been a while since I did my last rails only event but since I did it quiet often back when I started freeskiing I was pretty excited. The set up was a down rail and a down flat ledge. In the quali the best two tricks on each rail counted and I managed to land four solid tricks and made it to the finals. In the finals the format was a 30 minutes jam session and the best trick on each rail counted. I landed a switch 270 in pretzel 450 out on the ledge and a lipslide 270 in 270 out on the downrail. In the end I finished in 3rd place. It was a super fun event with quiet a lot of spectators and all the skiers were showing very hard tricks. Now I am back in Saas-Fee to get some airtime again.

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