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Swiss Army Sports program

20. Juli 2014
Picture: Bike tour with the swiss freeski army team next to the lake of Biel

This summer I am taking part at the Sports Athlete program of the swiss military in Magglingen. As you may know in Switzerland every male citizen is basically obliged to go to the army. For professional Athletes there is a special program, where we have the opportunity to accomplish our military duty but at the same time we can continue our training program.

I started with this program in the beginning of july and the first part takes 5 weeks. During those 5 weeks we have military education in the morning and training with the Swiss Freeski Coach JP Furrer in the afternoon. Next summer I am going there for another 13 weeks but then I don't have to do any military education anymore.

The training opportunities are very good. We can use the whole infrastructure of the swiss olympic training center in Magglingen. In total we are 25 winter sports athletes and in my training group there are two halfpipe and two areal skiers.

On the 31st of july the I am finished with military for this summer and after that I am going skiing again in Saas-Fee.

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